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We’re Back

Holy wow it has been an experience trying to get back into the swing of things after vacation! Hawaii was so fun and I am so grateful that we have an awesome staff and an even better mother-in-law! We left for the week not having but 1 tour booked and ended up having a trip go out EVERYDAY! It was a little stressful for us being so far away, but even more of a challenge for our staff and mom. We had planned our trip for this time of year based on the fact that last year we didn’t have enough snow to ride snowmobiles but too much wet/cold to ride ATVs. We were wrong. We didn’t prepare them for what they would have to do but they handled it like champs and we are so grateful for the patience that our clients had with us as well!! We were literally in paradise, enjoyed every minute of it but loved coming home.


After we made it back home we had to get back to real life. We had to jump back in, we came back to some beautiful Alaskan weather. It seems that Spring has come much earlier this year than usual. It has been in the high 50s this last week. Spring seems to be early and just as short as ever. Some of you may not be familiar with how short Alaska Spring really is. Here is a picture showing how quickly the leaves grow on the trees. Everyone up here has been soaking in the spring! We have a lot of friends and know a lot of people who garden who are just raving about how wonderful it has been being able to get things done so early.


Not only are there leaves on the trees but our ATV season is in full swing, in fact our ATV season started super early this year. Our first ATV tour was in mid-March!! We are very excited to start taking people out to the gorgeous Knik Glacier and to show them Alaska. With such nice weather I have a feeling we are going to be booking up very quickly! This picture is a couple that we took out to the glacier the other day and they had a blast! IMG_5999       IMG_5996

  This time of year is perfect for seeing Dall Sheep. There are also good chances to see Moose out there on the trail too. They got to be up close and personal with the Dall Sheep on the full day trip out to the Knik Glacier. You have a chance to see Dall Sheep on the 3 hour trip as well but they will be up on the hill side, not down close like this.

I know I have said it already but I have such a great feeling about this summer. I look forward to meeting all of our clients yet to come and share Alaska with you up close and personal. We greatly appreciate all of those who have come with us in the past and are happy we have been able to meet you! Have a wonderful summer all!

We look forward to having you join us for one of our amazing year-round, locally guided adventures in the spectacular Alaskan backcountry.