Multi-Day Adventure

Snowmobile Tour Near Anchorage

Eureka is one of our favorite places to ride. There is so much variety all in one place. If you are looking to trail ride, “play” in the swamps, or try your hand at boon docking through the trees this is the place to be! We will drive up to Eureka and stay at the Eureka Lodge.

This trip will get to be exactly what you want. There are miles of groomed trails that we can just ride forever on. We will head over to the Nelchina Glacier and check that out. We can also go and find some wide open swamps and lakes so you can really get accustomed to your machine. A minimum of 2 drivers is necessary to book a multi-day adventure.

Tour Includes:

All gear, orientation for snowmobile operation and safety information, local guide, fuel & oil, drink breaks, all with our guide services throughout the entire trip. Guide gratuities are NOT included in the tour price.

At the snowmobile trailhead, we will provide a 15-minute safety briefing and orientation to snowmobiling. Topics covered will be proper operation of the snowmobile, general safety information, what to expect while on the tour route, procedures for possible wildlife encounters, and information on proper snowmobile riding techniques.

Check in Time & Location:

Clients will be met at our tour office by our guide staff upon arrival. Clients will be outfitted with snow boots, full snowmobile suit, gloves and a helmet. After suiting up, everyone will caravan to the trailhead 1.5 hours away. (Keep in mind that travel time could lengthen the overall experience time) If you do not have your own transportation to our office in Palmer, we can help arrange that for you.

“Even in the snow, we saw a huge variety of Alaskan landscape . The icebergs at the glacier was utterly other- world awe-inspiring. “


It is not necessary that clients have previous snowmobiling experience prior to participating in one of our tours. Riding a snowmobile, as a general rule is more challenging than driving a car because it requires coordinated physical input such as leaning and moving on the seat to assist the snowmobile in turning. Drivers need to be prepared to heed the advice of their guide and use their body to be actively involved with the steering and driving of the snowmobile for proper operation. Please note that the maximum amount of weight a double-rider snowmobile can accommodate is a total of 300 pounds for both participants. If the clients combined weight is over 300 pounds, we recommend they ride single.

Due to limited capacity, advance reservations are required. A credit card is required to confirm and hold your reservation at time of booking. Payment is due upon check-in at our office prior to tour departure and may be handled with cash, Visa, or MasterCard. 50% deposit is required for all multi day excursions. A 100% cancellation fee will be charged if reservation is cancelled within 30 days of departure.

Round trip transportation between Anchorage and our Palmer office is available for an additional $100 per person, (minimum of 2).

Please call our office for pickup times and additional transfer information.


2 Days, 1 Night | $895

3 Days, 2 Nights | $1790

4 Days, 3 Nights | $2685

5 Days, 4 Nights | $3580