Glacier View ATV Tour

This tour of Alaska is a perfect introductory ATV course that takes you on a thrilling trail ride to view the glassy castles of Alaska's glaciers and witness rare wildlife among the grand scenery of the country.. You will receive an ATV orientation from our local Alaska guides and ATV experts so that you'll feel confident operating our versatile equipment and safely enjoy all of the trails and backcountry exploring.

Knik Glacier Adventure ATV Day Tour

This ATV tour takes you on a ride through a remote, backcountry glaciated valley. Our expert guides will lead you across beautiful meadows, along streams, and past scenic mountains and waterfalls to the ultimate sight of Alaska's mighty Knik Glacier. Refuel for the equally stunning trip back with a lunch at this incredible landmark.

Multi-Day ATV in Eureka

This is a trip on ATVs through the gorgeous backcountry of Eureka. This trip will take you on some awesome trails around the "Glacier Highway" of Alaska. We will customize this trip to be exactly what you are looking for.

Alaskan Backcountry Half-Day Snowmobile Tour

This half-day snowmobile tour on the Iditarod Trail in Alaska's scenic backcountry will take you on a ride through breathtaking landscapes, across snowy meadows and icy lakes, and past majestic mountains.

Alaskan Explorer Full-Day Snowmobile Tour

This snowmobile tour will take you out to explore some of Alaska's most incredible and scenic backcountry along the Iditarod Trail for an entire day. Prepare to see Alaska and winter like you have never seen it before!

Nelchina Glacier Full-Day Snowmobile Tour

This is a beautiful ride to the Nelchina Glacier. We begin at the Eureka Lodge and ride about 20 miles. You will experience trail riding, riding on a river, and "playing" in the swamps if you so choose.

Multi-Day Snowmobile Tour in Eureka

Eureka is one of our favorite places to ride. There is so much variety all in one place. If you are looking to trail ride, "play" in the swamps, or try your hand at boon docking through the trees this is the place to be!

Multi-Day Snowmobile Tour in Willow

Explore the beauty and wonder of Willow on a multi-day adventure in the backcountry. We have the power to customize this trip to fit your wants and needs exactly.