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Winter Wonderland

It has been a wonderful winter so far. We have snow, we have warm weather, relatively speaking, and we have snowmachines! We have been riding as much as we can; personally and with clients. So far we have ridden in Willow, Eureka, and Valdez. We are hoping to head to Seward to ride this next week. We have some amazing pictures to share and are excited to continue our Eureka trips from last year. Last year was our first year opening Eureka up for clients. We are working on expanding our Eureka area to include more trails. Here is a little update with what we have come up with so far. Below I will post some pictures of our adventures so far this year.

Eureka is a great little place at about mile 128 on the Glenn Highway. It is up in the mountains at about 3000 feet in elevation; its gorgeous country with amazing views. There are several lodges and restaurants in the area as well as so much to do year round. Our favorite lodge to stay at, with the best burger on the Highway is Sheep Mountain Lodge. If you come on a trip with us in the winter we will stay here for sure, if you want to ride and stay in this area in the summer we have to book WAY far in advance. Anyway, you can go enjoy a hike around the Matanuska Glacier, you can go ATVing, hiking, hunting, snowshoeing, heliskiing, cross country skiing, ziplining, and of course snowmachining. Due to all of the fun to be had in this area we knew last year we should debut the area in the winter. Now for this year we are ready to open new trails in this area. We will continue to explore new areas of Eureka all winter in order to further expand our trail systems in that area. Last year we rode to the Nelchina Glacier and around Eureka Lodge. So far we have 3 new trails since last year which means we can go ride for up to 5 days and not ride in any of the same places. Not too bad for those who want an authentic experience in the Mountainous terrain of Alaska.

I hope that we can share it with all of you! If not this year maybe next, we can’t wait!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

We look forward to having you join us for one of our amazing year-round, locally guided adventures in the spectacular Alaskan backcountry.