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Where Have We Been

We have been so busy already this summer. We have had so much going on and look forward to continuing that this summer! It has already been so gorgeous and I hope that means this summer will be much like the last. Well, I would prefer a little more rain, but holy cow it was unbeatable weather for riding. We have been going through some exciting new changes and I hope that it just keeps going.

First of all, our summer season is in full swing! We have full day, half day, and multi-day trips available. We ride to a glacier, in the mountains, and see sights you may not ever see otherwise. We are very excited to share Alaska with you! Let us be your guide through the most beautiful country on Earth – well we like to think so anyway!

We have had so much fun meeting some many awesome people from all over the world. I look forward to meeting more of you. What I really wanted to touch on today is the importance of wearing a helmet. I am one (shh don’t tell anyone) that doesn’t like wearing a helmet while ATVing, but after this weekend that has changed for me. I ALWAYS wear a helmet while snowmachining, but I am not sure why I feel like I don’t have to wear one on an ATV. Of course I always wear them on a tour and we REQUIRE our clients wear helmets and eye protection; for some reason when I am riding on a personal trip it doesn’t seem as important. Maybe its because its typically a slower ride on an ATV than on a snowmachine, maybe its because its warm out so you don’t need it to keep your head/face warm, and maybe its because I am still new-ish to riding that I feel like I can’t see as well if I wear a helmet. In any case, my mind has been changed! Dan and Kevin went up to Eureka this last week to try to find more places to ride. Eureka is SUCH a gorgeous place. Kevin and Dan went up just for 2 days and rode for miles and miles. It was breathtaking!

IMG_1483                           IMG_1481 IMG_1482 IMG_1480

After a long two days of riding, on their way back to the truck to head home, Kevin rode on a very uneven portion of the trail and got flipped off of his machine! He flew off the machine and the machine rolled and landed upside down right on Kevin, and on his head! As he was screaming Dan quickly judged how to help him. Dan tried moving the machine really gently up to see what parts of Kevin’s body would be the least likely to get hurt. After a quick assessment he decided it would be best to flip the machine back up hill over Kevin’s head, otherwise he would have to flip it twice while it would have pressed on Kevin’s back in between flips. Kevin suffered from breaking his neck a few years back and was laying across a ditch which would have put even more strain on his back than if he were laying on flat ground. Surprising himself Dan was able to flip Kevin’s machine in one big push. For a second it cut off Kevin’s airflow because his face shield on his helmet had slid down onto his throat. But it was only for a second and was much better than the alternative. Kevin, luckily, was able to walk away with some cuts and bruises and that is ONLY because he was wearing a helmet! Kevin is a VERY experienced rider, we call him our Alaskan Survivor Man, but this goes to show that no matter how experienced you are unexpected things still happen. Later Dan had thought that he wished he had gotten a picture to be able to show you why a helmet was necessary in this situation, but he really had no time to whip out his phone with Kevin laying there in such pain. As  you can see this rightfully has changed my mind about helmets! Whether you have ridden your whole life, or if this is your first season please WEAR A HELMET!

Everything’s more fun when you **Get Dirty in Alaska**

We look forward to having you join us for one of our amazing year-round, locally guided adventures in the spectacular Alaskan backcountry.