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Where Have We Been

Holy cow it has been WAY TOO LONG! We have been having such a great and busy last couple of weeks. Lets start with follow up from my last post about the avalanche close to the Nelchina Glacier. Because of the avalanche the trail got eaten up. It was very bad and the snow has been so deep out there that it was pretty much impassable. The bummer was we had a tour with a couple of ladies from Georgia that were DYING to get to that glacier. When I told them it wasn’t available it was heart-breaking! In order to remedy it we thought, ‘well, there is no snow in Palmer…let’s go to the KNIK GLACIER!!’ When I told them that we could already get out to the Knik Glacier on ATVs and side-by-sides they were somewhat hesitant but excited. When they got here we could tell they were very excited to get out there and ride. They ended up riding together in a side-by-side IMG_0400 and loved it! They said it was ‘the trip of a lifetime!’ Here are more pictures of their trip. So it is OFFICIAL, we have begun our ATV season!!!! We are so excited to get to share this part of Alaska with you!

IMG_0452 IMG_0414 IMG_0485 IMG_0504 IMG_0505 IMG_0510 IMG_0513 IMG_0516 IMG_0571 IMG_0575 IMG_0938 How much fun is that! Gorgeous view of the Knik Glacier, we can’t wait to take you!

After that trip we had Iditarod Weekend fast approaching. We had a huge group of 10 people head out to Yentna Station the day before the ceremonial start in Anchorage. They had a blast and as always Dan and Jean fed them and made them very happy.

The rest of Iditarod weekend most of our machines were rented out to a group that runs the Skwentna Checkpoint every year. We had to meet them at Deshka Landing on Saturday morning so we decided to have a fun little family get-away at Eagle Quest Cabins and Lodge, we LOVE Cindy and Lisa and their awesome staff! FullSizeRender I wish I would have remembered to take more pictures of their facilities so you can see just how awesome it is. They have great service and wonderful food, anyone staying in the Willow area should definitely check them out. It is right next to Deshka Landing (very popular landing for boats in the summer, also a popular take off spot for snowmobiling.) It was very nice to have a little break-well really it just gave us enough time to breathe and work on getting ready for the summer season. After that it has been a whirlwind of tours in Willow and Dan is currently in Eureka. I am so excited to post pictures from his trip!

I can’t get over how much I love this industry, there is so much excitement in meeting the awesome people that come into our lives. We are truly blessed and so excited to keep it going!


We look forward to having you join us for one of our amazing year-round, locally guided adventures in the spectacular Alaskan backcountry.