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What a Weekend

Wow what a weekend! We had a beautiful weekend, and hope that all of you did as well!

We had our guide, Kevin took 2 different couples up to Yentna Station. Both couples had a fantastic time! D&M was one of the couples and they said they had such a great time! They said that the trip was spectacular! They said that Kevin made the trip easy and relaxing for them, I love having a guide like Kevin to take such good care of our clients. They also got to see dog sled teams! image2Since this trip is along the Iditarod Trail we get to see a lot of mushers practicing to get ready for the big race. D&M said the views were awesome and that they will be back up this summer to ride with us then! I love it when people have such a good time in one season that they want to come up in the other season and experience the trails with us!

Once they got to Yentna Station Roadhouse they took this picture.
image3 Yentna Station is the first checkpoint in the Iditarod Race and has so many pictures and “swag” from the race. Dan and Jean took such great care of them, as usual!

Dan was riding up in Eureka all weekend. He was up looking for some awesome new places to ride, needless to say he found them! As they were finished up riding on Friday evening they got almost back to the trailer and realized that Dan’s tunnel bad had fallen off. He didn’t know how and they definitely didn’t know where. It was started to get dark but they decided to ride fast back to where it might have fallen off. Dan’s machine was running out of gas so they weren’t able to go any further. Without any luck they loaded up machines and headed in for the night.




The bummer with losing the tunnel bag was not so much about the bag but what was in the bag. Dan had his gun, go pro, lots of tools, and extra gear. In total it was about $1500 worth of stuff. He called me when they got back to the trailer and said he lost his bag. Surprisingly he didn’t sound too upset but was planning on going back up on Saturday so that they could find it.

Saturday a friend of ours headed up to Eureka with Dan in order to find the lost bag. They started ripping up the trail, FullSizeRender (2)after a while they stopped and talked with some hunters. They said they saw some people on a red Polaris’s with a bag strapped to their sled (that isn’t a common thing to see). Dan thought that’s got to be it. They followed the tracks of the red Polaris’s but didn’t see them. Then Dan thought, lets get back up the trail where I thought it dropped. They zipped up the trail and had no luck so they headed back toward Eureka Lodge. The guys talked to Kate at the Eureka Lodge and told her their story, she said she would let us know if she heard anything. The guys headed back to the truck with heads low thinking it may be Spring before we would be able to look for it much more. Kate came running out to them saying wait a minute. A guy in the lodge that was there eating dinner said that he HAD THE BAG!!! It was amazing how it worked out! The guy and his wife have a cabin not far from the lodge and planned on going to their Sweethearts Dinner Special at 6pm but for some reason felt the urge to go in early. It was only because they went in early that the timing worked out just perfectly for them to overhear Dan’s explanation to Kate about the missing bag. We will forever be SO grateful to that man and his wife for going to dinner early and finding our bag!

We would recommend doing some research before buying a tunnel bag! Make sure that it is the right size for your machine. Make sure that it is not too big, you want all of your stuff to fit snug so that its not jostled around while you’re riding. Make sure that your bag is waterproof so that if you decide to get off the trail and ride in the powder you can be assured that your contents inside will be nice and dry. You could even talk with your snowmobile dealer or a buddy that loves their tunnel bag about what bag they might recommend for your machine.

We look forward to having you join us for one of our amazing year-round, locally guided adventures in the spectacular Alaskan backcountry.