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Iditarod Trail on Monday

Beautiful day on the trail

Beautiful day on the trail

As our followers may know, we normally blog about facts you may need or want to know. We have decided to add to that. We are now going to start blogging in a more personal way as well. We want you to see what we get to experience each day living in this beautiful state.

Here is our first “more personal” blog.

First I want to introduce myself. My name is Matti, I was born and raised right here in Palmer, Alaska. I have lived here my whole life, outside of a couple years of living in southern Utah, where I met my wonderful husband, Dan. I have always LOVED snowmobiling but I never thought that our life would turn into this amazing adventure! Dan was born and raised in southern Utah in the red rock parts. He has always had a love for being outdoors and especially riding ATVs. Together we hope to create unbelievable experiences for you while you are here in Alaska!!

Dan got to take out some of the coolest people on Monday, we will call them M&M. They are well traveled and get to experience a lot of different activities but they were most interested in seeing what Alaska is really like. We have many people call us wanting to know what, as “real Alaskans”, we would recommend for them to do. Its an easy answer! Go outside! M&M took us up on our offer. They rode with us up the Iditarod Trail all the way up to Yentna Station Roadhouse, where Dan (different Dan) and Jean took good care of them for lunch. The trail was in awesome condition! It was a clear warm day and they even caught glimpses of the majestic Mt. McKinley.

On our website this is our full day Iditarod Trail Adventure, if you want to check out the details of the trip. We had so much fun showing them just a little bit of the backcountry of Alaska. We can’t wait to have them back! Thanks M&M for reminding us why we do this, come back soon!

We look forward to having you join us for one of our amazing year-round, locally guided adventures in the spectacular Alaskan backcountry.