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This Winter, Get a Close-Up Look at the Famous Knik Glacier

November has arrived, and that means it’s finally time to get back on our ATVs and snowmobiles and kick off another great season of adventuring in Alaska. Here at Alaska Backcountry, we’ve been chomping at the bit to hit the trail and share some of our favorite local sights with our guests. Today we’ll give you a sneak-preview of one of the most well-known destinations in our area – Knik Glacier.

A National Landmark Right in Our Backyard

knik glacier alaskaFor many decades, Knik Glacier played host to one of the most remarkable natural phenomenons in North America. Each year the seasonal melting of the glacier would create a massive six-square-mile lake in the Mat-su Valley. Then, every winter the lake would freeze and become reabsorbed into the glacier face once again. During the warmer months, the lake would often obstruct transportation routes between the valley and Anchorage. This cyclical phenomenon, dubbed a “Jökulhlaup,” in Icelandic, earned Knik Glacier a spot on the National Natural Landmark registry. Fortunately for the folks in our area, the lake formation has ebbed in recent years so it no longer disrupts travel to and from the valley.

Look Familiar?

Movie buffs may recognize Knik Glacier from films such as Star Trek VI and Avalanche. The glacier’s massive 400-foot high ice faces have attracted a number of filmmakers to the area over the years. In Star Trek, the icy landscapes of the Knik formed the backdrop for the Klingon prison planet of Rura Penthe.

In recent years, the Knik has become one of the premier destinations for outdoor enthusiasts in Alaska. Want to check it out for yourself? We offer two different glacier tours that provide our guests with the opportunity to come face-to-face with this enormous, beautiful glacier. Book your reservation online, or give us a call today for more information. We’ll see you on the trail!

We look forward to having you join us for one of our amazing year-round, locally guided adventures in the spectacular Alaskan backcountry.